SellHealth affiliate program Review

Do you know how to make websites?

Here's an EASY way to increase your monthly income:
Unlike many affiliate networks, sellhealth give new affiliates the flexibility to start with a clean slate, i.e. no website.
If you're starting from scratch, you have a unique opportunity to streamline the design, content, and ad copy of your website for maximum exposure in Google and their PPC ad network, Adwords....
The commission payouts are generous, typically 30-50% of the sale price.

The sellhealth referral program

For every NEW affiliate you refer to our program, you'll earn an additional 5% commission on all of THEIR referred sales and they still earn FULL commissions as you do, i.e. the 5% is NOT deducted from their commissions!
Just persuade others to sign up as affiliates (not as hard sell given our generous commission structure and large selection of best-selling health products), and you could be making a significant income off THEIR promotional efforts, with no extra work on your part! You are instantly credited 5% commission off ANY sale they refer.
SCEPTIC: You have to refer the people that will actually make sales or purchase, or you will get 5% of 0%.
All the affiliates get their aff link so they know who send the traffic to them. Here is my aff link:

How to earn extra income online

There are many ways to earn online. You can work from home, take surveys (like opinionoutpost) make webpages, help to sell products - affiliate, get people to sign up (make referrals),...  but you should always make sure you will not get scammed.